Allston Brighton History Videos


    1. History of Brighton Allston.  This video was written and narrated by former BAHS president Bill Marchione Ph.D, funded by Harvard University and produced by John Perry.  It includes interviews with long time residents with wonderful stories of growing up in Brighton Allston
    1. Brighton History and the Separation of Brighton from Cambridge.  2007 presentation by former BAHS president William P Marchione Ph.D to the Arlington MA Historical Society.  The presentation is broken into five videos of approximately 20 minutes each. Note that the first 7 minutes covers Arlington Historical Society issues and can be skipped.  Click on square icon on the bottom right of the window to enlarge the video.  <New Nov 2021>

    2. The Story of a House - a film by Anne Magee Coughlin.  An exceptional 8.5 minute video from 2022 on growing up in Brighton, challenges with urban development and links back to Ireland <New Jun 2022>

    3. Holton Library - Former Brighton library

    4. BA Heritage Museum - Brighton Allston Heritage Museum overview by BAHS board member Nancy O'Hara

    5. Bugg Village Reunion - 1990 dinner/reunion at the Marriott Hotel in Newton

    6. Hill Memorial Baptist Church - c1935 silent video of church members entering or leaving the Hill Memorial Baptist church on North Harvard Street

    7. 1964 Drive 1964 video of a drive in a car from Memorial Drive through Boston with a side by side current video.  Starting at 12 minutes 20 seconds, the drive goes through Cleveland Circle and Brighton Center and back to Memorial Drive

    8. 1950s Watertown Trolley - Watertown streetcar traveling through Newton Corner and Brighton Allston up to the Subway entrance at Kenmore Square

    9. 1967 Trolley Photos - Video collection of trolley photos including Allston Brighton at 1:35, 2:00, 2:20, 9:38, 10:05 and 11:00

    10. 1940s Packards Corner - Trolleys at the intersection of Brighton Ave and Commonwealth Ave

    11. Ride the 57  - 2018 video of a ride on the 57 Bus route through Allston Brighton. Song was written performed by Stan Lyness

    12. St. Gabriel's Restoration  When plans to develop the historic St. Gabriel’s site in Brighton were nearing approval, some of the project's mitigation funding was earmarked for the creation of a video documenting the restoration of the spectacular Monastery and Church buildings on the property.  The restoration is now complete.  Our documentary tells its story.  <New Mar 2021>

    13. St. Gabriel's Monastery and St. Gabriel's Church Preservation 2019 Interview with former BAHS president William P Marchione Ph.D on the long-term effort to preserve St. Gabriel's Monastery and ChurchThe interviewer is Todd Ford.  This video is a portion of a larger video and is cut off at 20 minutes.  <New Nov 2021>

      Boston Videos

    14. Charles River Part 1 - History of the Charles River with former BAHS president Bill Marchione

    15. Charles River Part 2

    16. Charles River Part 3

    17. 1903 Boston - 1903 video of a trolley ride through downtown Boston

    18. WGBH Boston The Way It Was Part 1- 1930s and 40s

    19. Braves Field - Video history of Braves field on Commonwealth Ave