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Oak Square

Map #1  Oak Square 1885

Map #2  Oak Square 1925

Drawing of the Oak Tree in Oak Square

Oak Sq School and Tree c1840

The old Oak Square school in the middle of Oak Square.  See map #1 above

Students in front of the old Oak Square School in 1855

This is old Oak Square School after being moved to 16 Bigelow street, with the building in process of being widened and having a story added around the 1890's.  To the left you can see the building currently on the corner of Champney and Washington St, and to the right you can see the old Champney house further up Washington st

16 Bigelow St today (former Oak Sq School)

The new Oak Square School on Nonantum St in 1894.  It's architect, Edmund March Wheelright, was also the architect of Boston's Horticultural Hall and the Longfellow Bridge.  It is an official City of Boston Architectural Landmark and is now the site of condominiums.

Oak Square School students in 1899

Washington St from Oak Square in 1910

Washington St from Oak Square

Bigelow St from Oak Sq 1920

Oak Square from Washington St 1910

Close up of above photo at Nonamtum and Washington St

The Joseph Breck House at the corner of Nonantum (left) and Tremont St in 1895.  Mr Breck was born in Medfield in 1794 and purchased this house built by Nathan Matthews in 1854 and lived there until his death in 1873.  He was president of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, editor of the New England Farmer, a State Representative and Senator and established a large nursery in Brighton.  The above photo shows the Shillaber Mansion to the right and the Oak Square School to the left.

This building, dating from before 1745, was the home of wealthy Boston Merchant Daniel Brewer Shillaber until his death in 1871.  The house was rented by the family of J.L.B. Pratt after Mr Shillaber's death.  Mr Pratt was a Civil War veteran and a Department Head at Boston's Custom House.  The location is at the intersection of Washington St at Tremont St and is the site of the Presentation School today.  Note the granite columns at the entrance which still exist today.  The Oak Square School is on the left.  The grocery store to the right was probably one of the first commercial structures in Oak Square and the initials JHP over the door suggest that is was operated by the Pratt Family

Shillaber Mansion.  Tremont St on the left

Shillaber Mansion from the side

Shillaber Mansion

Faneuil Library c1960.  Built in 1931

Faneuil Library Auditorium

Faneuil Library Reading Room

Faneuil Library Circulation Desk

1903 With Bigelow St in the background.  Note the house on the left where the Faneuil Library is today. 

Tremont St at Washington St 1940

Close up of the above photo.  Note the Creamery store.

The original site of Gray's Market at 610 Washington St

1946 with Grays Market on the left

Gray's Market

Gray's Market 1955 Flyer

Interior of Gray's Market 1934

Oak Square car barns looking west on Washington St.  On Map #2 above, see to the right of the center of Oak Square and the area between Washington St and Faneuil St.

Oak Square car barns on Washington St looking west

The same buildings as the previous photos but looking east.

Oak Square car barns looking east on Washington St

Oak Sq Carbarn 1897

Close up of above photo

Oak Square car barns looking east on Washington St in 1913

Original Oak Square car barn. This was actually originally the horsecar barn used for the horsecars before 1890 and was right next to the square, where the YMCA is now

Brookline Brighton Trolley in 1889.  This was taken on Washington St in front of the carbarn in the previous photo.  

Oak Square car barn from Washington St

Oak Square trolley October 1938 as seen from Faneuil St

Smith's Market October 1943 where the YMCA stands today



1952 with Adair Rd on the left

Oak Sq looking east on c1910 with Brackett St to the left.  Note the exterior detail on the building to the left and the buildings on the right before retail space was added on the ground floor.

Close up of the above photo.  Note the awnings

Stop and Shop on Washington St.  This site later housed Gray's Market after it moved, and is now the new Dunkin Donuts site.

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