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Brighton Allston Firehouses

Harvard Ave Firehouse

The original firehouse (c1885) at 16 Harvard Ave, Allston, of Chemical Engine Co. 6, which was built in 1876

This newer newer Harvard Ave Firehouse was built in 1910 with one door before being expanded to two (see below)


c1910 Left to right John J. Riley, John B. McKay, Charles Fernald

C1910  Hosewagon from Engine 41. Location unknown 

c1910.  Location unknown.  B. F. McNamara (left) and J. B. McKay (right)


1916 now with two doors


Photo c1970s. In 1977, the building was converted to commercial property and the firehouse moved to Union Square

Chestnut Hill Ave Firehouse

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1875 The original Brighton Firehouse at 20 Chestnut Hill Ave close to Brighton Center.  This location is now the

Veronica Smith Senior Center




c1930 New Firehouse at 138 Chestnut Hill Ave (Photo Credit - Boston Fire Historical Society)

(Photo Credit - Boston Fire Historical Society)

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