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Faneuil, Brooks and Parsons St Area

  • Faneuil St Map 1875

    Brooks House, the farmhouse of Brooks estate, the largest farm in Brighton in the 1870s, stands at 17-19 Hobson Street, corner of Bothwell. It was likely relocated slightly at the time of the subdivision and development of the Brooks property in the late 19th century.   See the Brooks Estate on the above map between Brooks St and Faneuil St

    1890 Map showing at the top left the New England Dressed Meat and Wool Company Fat Rendering Works between North Beacon and Faneuil St with Parsons St at the bottom left.  

    See for related information on Brighton's Meat Processing industry

    1875 Map of the Duncklee Estate.  

    Duncklee Mansion & Estate in 1904. Stood near the intersection of Duncklee and Harriet Streets, off of Faneuil Street. Viewed from the corner of Oakland & Faneuil/Arlington Streets (see map above). Dana Stream from Chandler's Pond is in the center.

    Dunklee mansion.  Gorham Parsons bought 70 acres in Brighton in the late 1700s and called it Oakland Farms.  John Dunklee purchased the buildings and 17.5 acres of this land in 1838.

    Dunklee Mansion

    House on the Dunklee property

    Brooks Pond Map 1890

    Brooks Pond and Ice House between Faneuil and Hobart St.  See above map.  The peaked building to the left of center is the former Bennet Grammar School at 29 Chestnut Hill Avenue

    Brooks Pond and Hobart School.  See yellow school building in the top left of the above map

    Hobart School

    Hobart School

    Hobart School Students and Teachers 1899

    89 Hobart St

    Oak Square Ave from Faneuil St

    The original Faneuil Congregational Church at 100 Brooks St.  In 1917, it was sold for $7,000 to the City of Boston for first home of the Faneuil Branch Library before moving to Oak Square. Today it is a residential home.

    Interior of the original Faneuil Congregational Church

    Meeting at the original Faneuil Congregational Church

    The new site of the Faneuil Congregational Church at the corner of Brooks and Bigelow St built in 1913

    Groundbreaking of the new Congregational Church.  Notice the original church in the background.

    Groundbreaking of the new Congregational Church

    43-47 Brooks Street, which was built in 1873, and which served for a time as the headquarters of the Faneuil Congregational Church Sunday School.

    Dedication of the intersection of Brooks St and Woodmont St (formerly Parkman St) in memory of a soldier who died at war.  The date is c1920.  The Ensign Manufacturing Co is in the center of the photo which later became a donut factory.

    Faneuil Depot for the Boston & Albany Railroad at Brooks St 

    Same view as the previous photo just before demolition for the construction of the Mass Pike c1960

    Rear of Faneuil Depot

    10 cars on the B&A Southwestern Limited passing Faneuil Depot on May 29, 1926

    Faneuil Depot area 1905.  The Depot  location (center) would now be the Westbound portion of the Mass Pike.  The tracks were moved south during the Mass Pike construction.  The large building to the right of center was the home of the Faneuil Watch Tool Company.  The lawn to the right of Brooks St became the site of a newer addition to the factory, seen below just prior to its demolition for the relocated tracks.

    Destruction of the Faneuil Depot  c1960

    B&A Local Train at Faneuil on August 24, 1935.  
    The Perkins School Chapel Tower is to the right of Center

    Overturned crane at landfill near the Faneuil Depot c1900

    Train near the Faneuil Depot 1898

    Faneuil Marsh.  This scene probably represents the filling in of the marshes for the construction of Nonantum Road.

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