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Holton Library.  This beautiful building was replaced by the current modern library on Academy Hill Rd in 1969.  The preservation movement in the city’s neighborhoods was still in its infancy back then and the people of Allston-Brighton had only just begun to organize to oppose damaging development.  The City of Boston's decision to demolish this beautiful structure prompted the founding of the Brighton-Allston Historical Society 50 years ago on April 1, 1968. <more info on Brighton libraries>
This page celebrates the 50 years historical preservation and community work by the BAHS with 50 of our best Allston Brighton photos. 

Faneuil Estate, built in 1760, on Faneuil St between Adair Rd and Dunboy Street.  c1860.  <more info>

Charles River, Faneuil Depot (center) and Brooks St (right) from Bigelow Hill 1905 <more info>

Commonwealth Ave construction 1896 from Lake St area looking towards Foster St. <more info>

Brighton Ave 1888  <more info>

Brighton Ave east of Harvard Ave looking east <more info>

Brighton Ave 1940 looking east <more info>

Egyption Theatre Brighton Center c1930 <more info>

Brighton Center 1904 looking east <more info>

Brighton Center at Market St 1911 looking west  <more info>

Cattle Fair Hotel in Brighton Center at the corner of Washington and Market Streets 1865  <more info>

326 Washington St Brighton Center <more info>

Brighton Congregational Church Brighton Center c1900 <more info>

Brighton Centennial Celebration 1907 next to the former fire station at 20 Chestnut Hill Ave

Bennett Grammar School at the corner of Chestnut Hill Ave and Dighton St

  Original Oak Square School 1855  <more info>

Oak Square School 1894 on Nonantum St <more info>

Shilaber Mansion at the corner of Tremont and Washington St.  This become the site of the Presentation Grammar School/Foundation  <more info>

Oak Square trolley car barns 1913 <more info>

Oak Square at Breck Ave and Washington St 1950

Brighton Depot <more info>

11 Sparhawk St  <more info>

St Elizabeth's Hospital and St Gabriels 1935 <more info>

113 Washington St 1890

Union Square c1900 <more info>

Union Square c1950  <more info>


High Rock Way near Union Square

Washington Allston Grammar School at 410 Cambridge St <more info>


Cambridge St looking east towards Harvard Ave intersection 1890

Allston Depot at the intersection of Harvard Ave and Cambridge St <more Info>


Construction of the Cambridge St bridge over the railroad looking towards Boston c1900

Cambridge St bridge 1930


Cambridge St looking west towards Harvard Ave before the construction of the bridge

Stockyards in the 1950s taken near North Beacon/Highborn St <more info>


Chandlers Pond 1890 with Kenrick st in the foreground and St John's in the background <more info>

Cleveland Circle with Beacon St to the right and Chestnut Hill Ave to the left

Chestnut Hill Ave 1909 looking towards Cleveland Circle

Lawrence Reservoir basin 1870 with Commonwealth Ave at the center.  Today BC is at the right  <more info>

Boston College c1950

Chestnut Hill Reservoir Gateway connecting to Chestnut Hill Ave <more info>

Bicycling on Beacon St next to the Reservoir  <more info>

Commonwealth Ave at South St 1909 <more info>

Commonwealth Ave near Sutherland Rd c1930 <more info>

Commonwealth Armory 1920 at Comm Ave and Harry Agganis Way <more info>

Packard dealership at 1709 Commonwealth Ave (Packard Sq) <more info>


Braves Field in 1933.  Comm Ave is at the top and the Armory on the left.  Today it is the site of Boston University's Nickerson Field  <more info>

Harvard Ave at Brighton Ave 1938 <more info>

Charles River Speedway 1928 on Soldier's Field Rd at today's Christian Herter Park <more info>

North Harvard St 1897 before Harvard Stadium was built

North Harvard St opposite Harvard Stadium 1926

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