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Allston Golf Club

1909 Map of the Allston Golf Club.  Now the site of BU's Nickerson's Field
The Allston Golf Club was located off what today is Gaffney St.  It was established sometime in the 1890s.   This land later become the site of Braves Field in 1915 <click here for more info>.

The Jan 28, 1902 NY times stated "A significant feature in the annual meeting of the Allston Golf Club, near Boston, recently was the discussion that arose regarding the advisability of adopting a standard golf  ball for all of the national tournaments.  One member made a request that the United States Golf Association, at its coming annual meeting, be petitioned to consider the matter, and if advisable, make a distinction between the regular gutta percha and the new rubber-filled ball for championship uses. A. G. Lockwood, the leading golfer of the Allston Golf Club, has agitated the subject more than any other player in Boston."

In September 1903, Arthur G. Lockwood of Allston Golf Club made Massachusetts golf history when he defeated 37 other entrants to capture the first Massachusetts Amateur title at Myopia Hunt Club.

The Newton Commonwealth Golf Course (formerly the Chestnut Hill Country Club) was originally organized in 1897 as a nine hole course called the Commonwealth Club, and was a spin-off of the Allston Golf Club. 

Allston Golf Club House

Allston Golf Club House

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