1897 Allston Brighton Atlas Maps

These are detailed Allston Brighton maps that show how our neighborhood looked in 1897.  Click on the link below to view one of the maps.  You can also look at the Map Outline which shows all of Allston Brighton and identifies the map number to view. The Street Index has a street listing with the map number.

Title Page & Index
Map 14 (Market and North Beacon St)

Map 15 (Market and Lincoln St)
Map Outline Map 16 (Cambridge St and Mt St Josephs)
Map 01 (Oak Square) Map 17 (Comm and Warren Ave)
Map 02 (Bigelow St) Map 18 (Comm and Harvard Ave)
Map 03 (Faneuil & Parsons St) Map 19 (Cambridge St and Harvard Ave)
Map 04 (Washington and Oakland St) Map 20 (Western Ave and Everett St)
Map 05 (Washington and Lake St) Map 21 (Western Ave and Market St)
Map 06 (Washington and Kenrick St) Map 22 (Western Ave & N Harvard St)
Map 07 (Comm Ave and Lake St) Map 23 (Cambridge St and N Harvard St
Map 08 (Reservoir) Map 24 (Comm and Brighton Ave)
Map 09 (Comm and Chestnut Hill Ave) Map 25 (Cambridge St and B&A Railroad)
Map 10 (Comm and Cleveland Circle) Map 26 (Cambridge St and Western Ave)
Map 11 (Comm Ave and Sutherland Rd) Map 27 (Cambr St & Western Ave@Charles)
Map 12 (Brighton Center) Map 28 (N Harvard St and Charles River)
Map 13 (Market and Faneuil St) Map 29 (N Harvard St and Soldier's Field)

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